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About Us

About capital-profits.org

capital-profits.org is an expert in the field of crediting and investing in promising developments for mining and blockchain. The priority area is companies engaged in developing solutions for financial transactions using blockchain technology and also solutions in the field of cybersecurity.
capital-profits.org legal registered UK company's (Company number 11381305). Our goal is to maximize profits for our investors and customers, making the process of transferring funds easy, fast, secure and anonymous both globally and locally.
We are a team of entrepreneurs and provide strong communication support for our clients, using extensive investment expertise, and conduct social events. We take an approach by deeply analyzing risks and investing in various stages, geographical areas and types of assets. Blockchain technology does not apply to all cases in a row, but if the application has an effect, we believe that it has transformational power.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology is used in a wide variety of areas, from the financial sector to the government. capital-profits.org focus on developments in the field of blockchain designed to increase the security of payment solutions and network users.
Today you can find many similar projects that have remained in the background of history. If you have a useful idea and your own development needs funding, then you can contact us. We will evaluate your project according to 200 criteria and help launch and develop promising startups.
Besides, our clients can also participate in financing projects that they consider to be potentially the strongest.

Mining industry

Mining continues to be an important element of the blockchain infrastructure. We support new promising mining-based projects that bring fresh solutions for safe and fast payments
We help our clients implement investment projects in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Our experts have been involved in the blockchain industry since its inception. Therefore, we deeply study the markets and investment cases. We have experience in successfully investing and developing large-scale mining centers.
We help our partners find equipment suppliers with the lowest prices on the market and find locations to minimize the cost of maintaining the mining infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Perspective

Security has become one of the main areas in which companies invest billions of dollars annually. Creating a secure information environment saves a lot of money by providing stable business processes.
capital-profits.org actively supports promising cybersecurity projects. Our partners can also invest in startups and make a profit. If you have a project aimed at improving the IT security of enterprises, organizations and government departments, then we will help you take your idea to a new level.
We consider all projects - firewalls, advanced endpoint protection, cyber threat detection clouds, antivirus software, etc.